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Bactrian Camel Small Plastic Animal 2 1/8 inches long 1 1/2 inches tall - F3548 B17

Not only for CHRISTMAS: Enjoy our museum-quality detailed CAMEL figurine year around. Put him in your Nativity Scene for sure but put him in your diorama, science or craft project also. Use him as a cake decoration or let him join your caravan!

Our Price: $3.29
Stock Info: 15 In Stock
  Camel Dromedary Plastic Replica - F4289 B354

Our plastic dromedary camel has one hump. It is made with such realistic detail that it will make a perfect adition to your desert toy collection, desert diorama, or a Christmas manger scene.

Our Price: $10.99
Stock Info: Out Of Stock
Camel ~ Plastic Replica ~ F7048-B30

Camel ~ Plastic Replica ~ F7048-B30

Our Price: $3.29
Stock Info: 12 In Stock

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