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Plastic Cockroach 3 inches long - F1652 B74

Yikes! This place has cockroaches! See our selection of plastic cockroaches. They are excellent for science projects, gags, party favors and dioramas.

Our Price: $4.39
Stock Info: 200 In Stock
Cockroach flexible plastic 1 7/8 inches from feelers to tail - F3399 B39

COCKROACHES everywhere! We have several different COCKROACH toy replicas. They make great gags but also these realistic replicas fit in INSECT dioramas, reports and science projects.

Our Price: $2.99
Stock Info: 35 In Stock
  Cockroach 4 long 3D Puzzle - F3024 B332

Feel creative with our cockroach 3D puzzle educational toy. Perfect for homeschooling! Choose from our large selection of insect puzzles.

Our Price: $7.69
Stock Info: Out Of Stock
Cockroach 6 Pack ~ Plastic Replica ~ F3398-B38

Cockroach 6 Pack

Our Price: $6.99
Stock Info: 10 In Stock

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