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Dingo hollow plastic toy 5 3/4 inches long - F4341 B12

Our authentic DINGO is large and sturdy enough for play at almost 6 inches long. Also useful for reports on Australia or a larger diorama. Fun for kids.

Our Price: $6.59
Stock Info: 17 In Stock
Dingo plastic 2 1/8 inches long - F1754 B42

Experience the unusual world of Australia wildlife. Purchase our authentic DINGO figurine for your collection or school project, report on Australia or diorama. Brighten your party with cake decorations or favors.

Our Price: $3.29
Stock Info: 28 In Stock
Dingo ~ Plastic Replica ~ F1086-B170

Dingo ~ Plastic Replica ~ F1086-B170

Our Price: $4.29
Stock Info: 74 In Stock

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