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Mini Fox Stuffed Animal - Finger Puppet - F878 B72

If anyone is in a need of a snuggle buddy or a little friend to play with, this Mini Fox (also a finger puppet) is a perfect addition to any stuffed animal lover's life.

Our Price: $10.99
Stock Info: 4 In Stock
Arctic Fox Small Plastic Replica 1 1/4 inches tall 2 inches long - F3500 B67

Add this realistic detailed ARCTIC FOX toy replica to your collection of ARCTIC animals. It fits into dioramas, works as party favors or cake decoratons. It is excellent as a home school supply or for a science project or display.

Our Price: $3.29
Stock Info: 18 In Stock
Arctic Fox realistic plastic animal 3 1/2 inches long - F3373 B217

Put this realistic Arctic fox toy in your arctic display or diorama. He works also as a party favor or cupcake decoration. Priced for school use.

Our Price: $5.49
Stock Info: 2 In Stock
  Fennec Fox Realistic Plastic Replica 2 3/4 inches long 1 3/4 inches tall - F3560 B26

Our miniature fennec fox belongs in your report about the Sahara Desert or North Africa. It also makes for a nice cupcake decoration or child's toy.

Our Price: $8.79
Stock Info: Out Of Stock
Arctic Fox 2-inch plastic - F1102 B203

ARCTIC ANIMAL HEADQUARTERS: See our extensive supply of miniature realistic ARCTIC ANIMALS. Our ARCTIC FOX is perfect for science projects, dioramas, party favors, or cupcake decorations.

Our Price: $3.99
Stock Info: 59 In Stock
Red Fox 3 1/2-inch detailed plastic animal - F1893 B53

IT's great to see a FOX: Appreciate the detail of our lovely RED FOX toy replica. He deserves a place in your meadowland or forest diorama. Use him as a party favor, display item or as a cupcake decoration. Put him in your toybox.

Our Price: $8.79
Stock Info: 1 In Stock
  Red Fox Plastic Figurine 2 3/8 inches long - F3656 B209

-- Animal lovers will really enjoy these plastic RED FOX replicas! These red foxes are hand painted to look realistic. So great for animal collectors. See all of our other animal replicas too!

Our Price: $5.49
Stock Info: Out Of Stock
Fox ~ Plastic Replica ~ F201-B9

Fox ~ Plastic Replica ~ F201-B9

Our Price: $3.99
Stock Info: 11 In Stock

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