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Hand Puppets

Hand Puppets

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Guinea Pig Hand Puppet 10-inch stuffed animal - F3440 B62

Enjoy owning our lifelike, soft, affectionate GUINEA PIG HAND PUPPET. Give him a name and think up stories of magical worlds to tell your friends or children.

Our Price: $32.99
Stock Info: 3 In Stock
  Great White Shark Hand Puppet 22 inches from nose to tail - F3609 B201

When you buy this realistic, plush great white shark puppet at Tapir and Friends Animal Store Online, your purchase helps save endangered species!

Our Price: $29.99
Stock Info: Out Of Stock
Wavy the Crocodile Stage Puppet Hand Puppet  14 inches - F1805 B80

Meet "WAVY" our CROCODILE HAND PUPPET. He is a master storyteller and will entertain your family and children for hours. He will tell of adventures in the jungle or along the Amazon..

Our Price: $24.99
Stock Info: 2 In Stock
Stuffed Pteranodon Hand Puppet 14 1/2 inch long plush - F1839 BR

Wow! Slip your hand into our soft, humorous PTERANODON HAND PUPPET. Tell a story of the world of dinosaurs to friends or children. Let your imagination run wild. A perfect gift for young and old.

Our Price: $16.49
Stock Info: 8 In Stock
Great Horned Owl Hand Puppet 18-inch stuffed animal - F1042 B99

Our extremely realistic GREAT HORNED OWL PUPPET has amazing plumage and wise eyes. Slip your hand inside and bring him to life. He has stories to tell. Let your imagination run wild.

Our Price: $64.99
Stock Info: 1 In Stock
Porcupine Hand Puppet 12-inch stuffed - F876 B61

We love our PORCUPINE HAND PUPPET. He has soft, long, lovely quills and has amazing stories to tell of forest adventures and magical creatures he has met in his life.

Our Price: $21.99
Stock Info: 1 In Stock
  Stuffed Hippo Stage Puppet 19-inch long plush - F1803 B215T

Create your own puppet show starring our HIPPO STAGE PUPPET. He looks real and has a great smile. Wiggle his ears and your audience will laugh and remember his stories.

Our Price: $43.99
Stock Info: Out Of Stock
  Walter the Friendly Saltwater Crocodile 36-inch stuffed animal - F873 B94T

We love WALTER the Friendly Saltwater Crocodile. He is at the top of our list of the most beautiful affectionate STUFFED ALLIGATOR toys you can find. Take him home and have a friend forever.

Our Price: $54.99
Stock Info: Out Of Stock

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