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  Stuffed Plush Blue-Green Algae 7 1/2 inches long - F1558 B137

Speaking of the unusual! See our fluffy STUFFED BLUE-GREEN ALGAE replica. It makes a great gag, conversation piece, or gift to the budding scientist in your family.

Our Price: $14.29
Stock Info: Out Of Stock
Stuffed Plush Red Tide Algae 5 inch shape - F1568 B137

Speaking of the strange! See our soft, fluffy STUFFED RED TIDE ALGAE replica. It makes a great gag, conversation item, or fits into a science display. At least our plush ALGAE is fragrant!

Our Price: $14.29
Stock Info: 3 In Stock
Stuffed Plush Sea Sparkle Algae 5 1/2 inches wide - F1569 B137

For those who like algae! See our soft fluffy SEA SPARKLE ALGAE replica. For that scientist in your family or collector of strange things, this may be the perfect gift.

Our Price: $14.29
Stock Info: 2 In Stock

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