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Flightless Birds

Flightless Birds

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Stuffed Dodo Bird 8 1/2 inches long - F1701 B202

Keep the memory of the DODO alive when you own our realistic beautifully-crafted STUFFED DODO BIRD plush toy. It so soft and cuddly and desires your affection and protection.

Our Price: $49.49
Stock Info: 2 In Stock
Stuffed Kiwi Bird 7 inches - F705 B172

Our lifelike STUFFED KIWI BIRD plush replica is a perfect collector's item and a great reminder of New Zealand. It sits easily on a shelf and stimulates thoughts of adventure and travel to distant places.

Our Price: $36.99
Stock Info: 4 In Stock
  Southern Cassowary Realistic Plastic Replica 3 3/4 inches tall - F4295 B110

Our realistic plastic southern cassowary is beautifully detailed. Useful in a museum display or diorama for a school project. Great for collectors.

Our Price: $8.79
Stock Info: Out Of Stock
Ostrich 2 1/2-inch plastic - F1084 B213

Discover the world of flightless birds! Learn from this OSTRICH toy figurine. Use him in an AFRICAN diorama, display or science project. Perch him on a cupcake or give him as a party favor.

Our Price: $4.59
Stock Info: 36 In Stock
Emu 1 3/4-inch plastic Australian bird - F1092 B165

Complete your Australia report with a realistic EMU toy miniature. These flightless birds are remarkable. See our entire collection of lifelike Australian animals useful as craft items, party favors, cake decorations and for science projects.

Our Price: $3.29
Stock Info: 46 In Stock
Emu plastic 2 1/2 inches tall - F1755 B42

Uncover the strange world of Australian birds. Purchase our realistic EMU miniature for your collection or school project, report on Australia or diorama. Brighten your party with cake decorations or favors.

Our Price: $3.29
Stock Info: 51 In Stock

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