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Canada Goose Stuffed Toy Bird 12 inches from beak to tail - F4349 B230

Our 12-inch stuffed Canada goose is both cuddly and collectible. It has exceptionally soft wings and a bright blue eye. It makes a delightful gift.

Our Price: $21.99
Stock Info: 4 In Stock
  Goose Gander Plastic Figurine 2 1/2 inches tall - F3623 B156

Use our affordable, adorable, realistic PLASTIC GOOSE - GANDER figurine for your school project, diorama, display or collection at Tapir and Friends Animal Store Online.

Our Price: $6.59
Stock Info: Out Of Stock
Goose plastic 1 3/4 inches tall - F4157 B140

Use our realistic-looking toy WHITE GOOSE for displays, decorations, dioramas, and as a toy for farm animal collectors.

Our Price: $3.29
Stock Info: 24 In Stock
Stuffed Canada Goose with Sound Audubon Birds Series  7 1/2 inches from beak to tail - F1882 B326

One of our favorites: Purchase this realistic beautifully-crafted STUFFED CANADIAN GOOSE with SOUND (Audobon Series) and see what an interesting gift it makes. Place it on a shelf, sofa or bed and hear the call of the North!

Our Price: $10.99
Stock Info: 13 In Stock
Gray Goose 2-inch plastic bird - F620 B132

Colorful, lifelike toy GRAY GOOSE figurine. Perfect for bird or geese collections, science projects, a party favor or cupcake decoration. See our selection of educational realistic bird miniatures.

Our Price: $3.29
Stock Info: 93 In Stock

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