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Grasshopper plastic 3 inches long - F1661 B74

Check out our plastic grasshopper toy. It's a perfect gag, cake decoration, diorama inhabitant, or science project item. Priced for school use.

Our Price: $4.39
Stock Info: 63 In Stock
  Grasshopper Giant Realistic Foam-filled Latex Rubber 25 inches long - F3694 B58T

Make our GIANT FOAM GRASSHOPPER a welcome guest at your Passover celebration or take him to the science fair as your project. Our grasshopper would be a lot of fun at a picnic or summer pool party.

Our Price: $92.33
Stock Info: Out Of Stock
Grasshopper plastic 7 inches long - F2059 B134

Fool your friends with this realistic GRASSHOPPER toy model. It works as a great party favor, gag or decoration. Use it in a report about insects or as an example of plagues. It's just a fun toy.

Our Price: $8.79
Stock Info: 44 In Stock
  Grasshopper plastic 3 1/4 inches long - F2055 B174

Miniature realistic grasshopper toy. Perfect gag, party favor, cake decoration, or science project example. Priced for school use.

Our Price: $8.79
Stock Info: Out Of Stock

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