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Striped Hyena Realistic Plastic Replica 3 inches long 2 1/2 inches tall - F3569 B226

Our HYENA replica will make you laugh! Good for cupcake decorations, party favors, Africa dioramas, gags or educational homeschool supplies.

Our Price: $8.79
Stock Info: 1 In Stock
Spotted Hyena Stuffed Animal 14 inches long - F1393 B235

Our STUFFED SPOTTED HYENA plush toy is guaranteed to make you laugh. Beautifully-fashioned and oh so soft, it is a wonderfully gift or keepsake. Let your mind wander and envision Africa.

Our Price: $77.99
Stock Info: 2 In Stock
Plastic Hyena 4 inch long museum-quality replica - F1827 B30

Laugh with our realistic HYENA figurine. Put it in a diorama with lions, giraffes, or cheetahs. It makes for a great party favor, display item or cake decoration. Use it for your home school or science project.

Our Price: $10.99
Stock Info: 2 In Stock

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