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Malayan Tapir Fuzzy Stickers set of 4 - T068 B50

WE LOVE TAPIRS and your children will also. Use our FUZZY TAPIR STICKERS as decorations, in art projects, and as party favors. We have dedicated our lives for the preservation of this endangered species. We appreciate your help

Our Price: $1.09
Stock Info: 85 In Stock
Baby Tapir Postcard from Philadelphia Zoo - T133

BABY TAPIRS ARE THE CUTEST! Until yo've seen a spotted and striped BABY TAPIR, you don't know what you've missed! You'll get the picture from our BABY TAPIR POSTCARD from the Philadelphia Zoo.

Our Price: $1.09
Stock Info: 680 In Stock
Dolphin 5 1/2-inch plastic - F471 B5

Everyone loves DOLPHINS: Our lifelike DOLPHIN figurine will make your heart leap! Use it as a party favor, in a marine display, school science project or as a party favor. Create a pod. Bulk pricing available.

Our Price: $2.19
Stock Info: 149 In Stock
Humpback Whale 5 3/4-inch plastic - F473 B5

Imagine this lifelike HUMPBACK WHALE toy figurine breeching in your sealife display. Place him on top of a birthday cake or as a favor in a whale-themed party. Use him as an example in a school science project. Bulk pricing available for your pod.

Our Price: $3.79
Stock Info: 264 In Stock
Walrus 5 1/4-inch plastic - F474 B5

Create the ARCTIC. Our realistic WALRUS toy replica fits with lifelike polar bears, foxes, seals, and seabirds in your diorama. See our igloos and eskimo miniatures. These are perfect for science projects and homeschool supplies.

Our Price: $3.99
Stock Info: 118 In Stock
Gorilla Plastic Toy walking 2 3/4 inches tall 2 inches long - F049 B43

Our plastic realistic gorilla is useful for displays, dioramas, decorations, science projects, or as an educational toy to help learn about nature.

Our Price: $3.29
Stock Info: 100 In Stock
Jaguar Plastic Toy 2 3/4-inches long - F085 B43

Add this realistic small plastic jaguar toy to your collection of tropical American rainforest animals. Great for rainforest dioramas and decoration,

Our Price: $3.29
Stock Info: 12 In Stock
Asian Elephant Replica plastic 3 inches long - F087 B43

Buy our inexpensive plastic elephant toy when you needs exotic animals for a circus or jungle themed party, cake topper or school project diorama.

Our Price: $3.29
Stock Info: 34 In Stock
Orangutan Plastic Toy hands on ground 2 inches tall 1 1/2-inches long - F090 B43

Our 2-inch solid plastic orangutan figurine would make a perfect addition to your Asian rainforest diorama and makes a great educational toy for kids.

Our Price: $3.29
Stock Info: 82 In Stock
White-throated Capuchin Monkey Plastic Replica 1 1/2 inches long - F092 B43

Our white-throated capuchin monkey holds a banana and is ready to play! Use it for sand tray therapy or as part of a school rainforest diorama.

Our Price: $4.59
Stock Info: 13 In Stock
Sperm Whale Plastic Toy 2 3/4 inches long - F1007 B42

Have you read Moby Dick? If you were captivated by the power and lore of the great whales hunted off the New England shores, see our plastic whales.

Our Price: $3.29
Stock Info: 83 In Stock
Talulah Tapir Plastic Toy 2 1/4 inches long - F100 B43

Talulah Tapir is a Malayan tapir made of durable plastic. She's very friendly and would love to live on your nightstand or in your school diorama.

Our Price: $3.29
Stock Info: 32 In Stock
Hippo Plastic Toy 2 3/4 inches long - F1030 B307

Our small plastic hippo is the right size for your shoebox Africa diorama. At this price you can afford a whole herd of hippos for your display or decorations.

Our Price: $1.99
Stock Info: 389 In Stock
Leopard 2-inch plastic animal - F1031 B81

This small plastic leopard is priced for quantity discounts. Put our realistic LEOPARD toy miniature in your school report or African animal diorama. It is an excellent party favor or cupcake decoration.

Our Price: $3.29
Stock Info: 175 In Stock
  Moose 2-inch plastic - F1033 B81

What would a report about the North be without our authentic-looking MOOSE replica? Place our fellow in a diorama along with eagles, reindeer, and grizzly bears. See all of our realistic educational animal toy replicas.

Our Price: $3.29
Stock Info: Out Of Stock
Black Rhino 2 1/2-inch plastic - F1035 B81

Appreciate our lifelike RHINO toy figurine. It fits into African animal dioramas, serves as a party favor, or a cupcake deocration. Enjoy having your own personal zoo. Priced for homeschool supplies.

Our Price: $3.29
Stock Info: 26 In Stock
Abyssinian Genet 3 1/8-inch plastic - F1070 B175

Learn the diversity of nature from our wide selection of plastic toy genets, civets, and linsangs. Our genets would be great in your school diorama.

Our Price: $3.29
Stock Info: 385 In Stock
African Civet 2 3/4-inch plastic - F1071 B175

Choose from our selection of plastic genets, civets, and linsangs. These mammals deserve a place in your animal collection. They are amazing critters.

Our Price: $3.29
Stock Info: 248 In Stock
Aquatic Genet 3-inch plastic - F1072 B175

Our realistic plastic genet toy replica looks like a weasel and can be used in woodland, savanna, mountain, or tropical rain forest dioramas.

Our Price: $3.29
Stock Info: 341 In Stock
Banded Palm Civet 2 3/4-inch plastic - F1073 B175

Our plastic palm civet toy replica looks like a weasel and can be used in woodland, savanna, mountain and, above all, tropical rain forest dioramas.

Our Price: $3.29
Stock Info: 122 In Stock
Meerkat Gray 2 3/8-inch plastic - F1074 B175

What is cuter than our lifelike meerkat toy replica? Buy several and create your own colony. They fit well in dioramas or on top of cupcakes.

Our Price: $3.29
Stock Info: 299 In Stock
Common Palm Civet 2 1/2-inch plastic - F1075 B175

Our realistic palm civet toy can be used in woodland, savanna, mountain, and tropical rain forest dioramas. Put this little fellow in your home zoo!

Our Price: $3.29
Stock Info: 308 In Stock
Ring-Tailed Mongoose 3-inch plastic - F1076 B175

Enjoy the beauty of our realistic ring-tailed mongoose plastic replica. Learn about Madagascar, use in a science project, or add to your collection.

Our Price: $3.29
Stock Info: 48 In Stock
Spotted Linsang 2 3/4-inch plastic - F1077 B175

Your project on Southeast Asia might include our beautiful spotted linsang miniature. You might use him in a craft project or as a party favor.

Our Price: $3.29
Stock Info: 270 In Stock
Kangaroo 1 5/8-inch plastic Australian animal - F1093 B165

Australian Animal Headquarters: This accurate-looking KANGAROO toy figurine will fit perfectly into a diorama, science project or display. It is a fun detailed replica which can hop onto cupcakes or birthday party tables. It is affordably priced for school use.

Our Price: $4.59
Stock Info: 2 In Stock
Arctic Fox 2-inch plastic - F1102 B203

ARCTIC ANIMAL HEADQUARTERS: See our extensive supply of miniature realistic ARCTIC ANIMALS. Our ARCTIC FOX is perfect for science projects, dioramas, party favors, or cupcake decorations.

Our Price: $3.99
Stock Info: 59 In Stock
Beluga Whale 3-inch plastic - F1103 B203

A Whale of a lot of Whales: See our huge supply of different lifelike WHALE MINIATURES. This BELUGA is perfect for dioramas, party favors, cake decoration or science projects.

Our Price: $4.59
Stock Info: 33 In Stock
Harp Seal Pup 3-inch plastic - F1104 B203

Our realistic HARP SEAL PUP miniature will add beauty to your craft project, sealife diorama or to your science project. See our extensive collection of miniature seals of different species and sizes.

Our Price: $4.59
Stock Info: 53 In Stock
Leopard Seal 3 1/4-inch plastic - F1105 B203

Add our PLASTIC LEOPARD SEAL to your Arctic diorama to make it more realistic and fun. Leopard seals feed on penguins and fish and are the prey of orcas. Small plastic leopard seal with mouth wide open showing sharp teeth..

Our Price: $4.59
Stock Info: 4 In Stock
Orca leaping 2 3/4-inch plastic - F1106 B203

A Whale of a lot of Whales: See our huge supply of different lifelike WHALE MINIATURES. This ORCA (Killer Whale) is perfect for dioramas, party favors, cake decoration or science projects.

Our Price: $4.59
Stock Info: 109 In Stock

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