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Meerkat Pair plastic 1 7/8 inches tall - F1373 B210

How cute! Buy this pair of realistic MEERKAT miniatures and use them as party favors, craft items, as cake decorations, in an African diorama or in a school science project. Perfect for school use.

Our Price: $5.49
Stock Info: 17 In Stock
Meerkat with baby 3 L x 4.5 H plastic figurine - F1351 B177

These realistic meerkats are as cute as can be! Although they are now discontinued and collectible, you can also use them as a toy or in a diorama.

Our Price: $14.29
Stock Info: 8 In Stock
Meerkat Gray 2 3/8-inch plastic - F1074 B175

What is cuter than our lifelike meerkat toy replica? Buy several and create your own colony. They fit well in dioramas or on top of cupcakes.

Our Price: $3.29
Stock Info: 299 In Stock
Stuffed Meerkat sitting up  10 inches - F781 B55

Oh sooo cute! See our lifelike STUFFED MEERKAT plush replica standing up so proudly. He is waiting for you to take him home. He will become a family member within no time!

Our Price: $49.49
Stock Info: 3 In Stock

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