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Orange Black Scorpion Plastic 2.5 inches Length - F1055 B190

This Scorpion is a great addition to a child's toy collection, a school project, or a decorative piece for an arachnid lover. You'll love it!

Our Price: $3.29
Stock Info: 22 In Stock
  Scorpion Stuffed Animal gray 16 inches - F1343 B29

Our humorous STUFFED SCORPIONS make fun plush toys. They are soft, durable and huggable. Display them at Halloween or play with them year around. They promise not to sting!

Our Price: $26.39
Stock Info: Out Of Stock
Fat-tailed Scorpion Detailed Plastic Replica 3 inches long - F3123 B225

We have bunches of realistic SCORPIONS figurines of different colors and sizes for halloween decorations, gags or party favors. They fit well in dioramas, science projects or in your toybox. Bulk pricing available and affordable. See our large selection of realistic insects and spiders.

Our Price: $5.99
Stock Info: 20 In Stock
Scorpion plastic 2 1/4 inches long - F1665 B74

Scorpions! Watch your step! Use these colorful plastic scorpions as party favors, gags, in science and craft projects, and as cake decorations.

Our Price: $4.39
Stock Info: 117 In Stock
Scorpion 2 1/2-inch plastic - F1514 B103

Put our SCORPION toy figurine in the sand of your display or diorama. Add a coyote, lizard, or cactus from our inventory of SOUTHWEST miniature animals. This SCORPION replica works perfectly as a gag, party favor or cupcake decoration as well.

Our Price: $3.29
Stock Info: 63 In Stock
Scorpion Stuffed Animal brown 16 inches - F1342 B105

Our amusing STUFFED SCORPIONS are really enjoyable plush toys. They are soft, durable and loveable. Display them at Halloween or play with them year around. They promise not to sting!

Our Price: $17.99
Stock Info: 3 In Stock
Sea Scorpion Fossil Mixopterus Plastic Replica 2 1/4 inches long - F4101 B96

Use our lovely detailed SEA SCORPION toy fossil for science projects, displays, decorations and as a keepsake for the fossil lover of your family.

Our Price: $4.89
Stock Info: 8 In Stock
Plastic Scorpion black realistic 7 inches long - F1974 B217

Our realistic plastic black scorpion is 7 inches long, flexible, and a barrel of fun! Use as a gag gift or display for a science project or diorama.

Our Price: $5.89
Stock Info: 33 In Stock

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