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Mini Fox Stuffed Animal - Finger Puppet - F878 B72

If anyone is in a need of a snuggle buddy or a little friend to play with, this Mini Fox (also a finger puppet) is a perfect addition to any stuffed animal lover's life.

Our Price: $10.99
Stock Info: 4 In Stock
Dog Stuffed Animal brown  6 1/2 inches tall when sitting hand-made - F4059 B232

Our handmade dog stuffed animal is totally adorable. It was made by Sandi Tipple in an effort to raise money for her cancer treatments. We are trying to help Sandi by featuring this adorable handmade stuffed animal.

Our Price: $14.99
Stock Info: 2 In Stock
  Husky Dog Stuffed Animal converts into a Pillow - F4322 B300

Is it a pillow or a stuffed husky? It's both! Unzip the husky and it becomes a soft pillow. Unzip the pillow and it becomes a lovable stuffed dog!

Our Price: $21.99
Stock Info: Out Of Stock

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