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Brook Trout Plastic Fish realistic 3 1/8 inches long - F3430 B89

Fish replica headquarters! We have a quality selection of plastic fish available: trout, bluegill, bass, muskies, crappies, perch, pike, and more!

Our Price: $5.49
Stock Info: 3 In Stock
Rainbow Trout 17-inch stuffed plush toy fish - F2005 B148

Our 17-inch stuffed rainbow trout is cuddly and fun. A perfect gift for your fisherman or child.

Our Price: $21.99
Stock Info: 4 In Stock
Rainbow Trout 3-inch plastic - F426 B8

Schools of Fish! See our enormous collection of both realistic freshwater and saltwater FISH. So many species and sizes! Use this RAINBOW TROUT as a party favor, cupcake decoration or in a diorama or as a gag for the "one that got away!!.

Our Price: $4.59
Stock Info: 108 In Stock
  Brook Trout 10-inch stuffed plush toy fish - F4332 B216

Our 10-inch stuffed toy brook trout is colorful and and fun. It's quite realistic, and could b the perfect inexpensive gift for a fisherman or child.

Our Price: $14.29
Stock Info: Out Of Stock
Furry Trout Legendary Fish Plastic Replica 3 3/8 inches long - F4232 B376

Use this fun fictional TROUT toy replica as a gag or a decoration or in a report about legends.

Our Price: $4.29
Stock Info: 33 In Stock
Rainbow Trout 3 Inch ~ Plastic Replica ~ F3441-B88

Rainbow Trout 3 Inch

Our Price: $5.49
Stock Info: 14 In Stock
Brown Trout 3 Inch ~ Plastic Replica ~ F3442-B88

Brown Trout 3 Inch

Our Price: $5.49
Stock Info: 23 In Stock

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